How Telehealth Improves the Overall Healthcare System

How telehealth increases access to care, eliminates efficiency of healthcare systems, and improves quality of care. MDKonsult provides services such as prescription renewals, travel consultations for vaccines, and doctors notes – all conducted by computer or phone from the comfort of one’s home.

Who to Talk to about Mental Health

Mental health issues can be extremely confusing and discouraging. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), almost everyone deals with it in one-way or another even if they don’t realize or acknowledge it.

Pros & Cons of Online Therapy and Counseling

Mental health issues can be extremely confusing and discouraging. One of the biggest hurdles in dealing with mental health is the attitude that people do not have the right to feel this way and feeling like one is alone. Online therapy can be an easy convenient way to access professional counseling.

Need a doctor’s note? You can now get it online.

Need a doctor’s note? You can now get it online.

Introducing DrSickNotes, a simple online service from MDKonsult to get a doctor’s note. It’s simple. You book an appointment, pick the exact time for a doctor to call you, they call you to verify you’re sick, write you a prescription if needed, and privately send you the doctor’s note that you need.

What we learnt launching a Canadian telemedicine clinic

People want to see their doctor online. Whether it’s for prescription refills, requisition forms, sick notes, or simple medical questions - a good number of GP visits today can be replaced by online consultations. So why isn’t this happening today and how do we make...

Infographics: The Benefit of Endovascular Therapy for Stroke

I just posted an article on the ground-breaking ESCAPE trial in ischemic stroke on the Calgary Herald. Dynamic infographics are a simple but powerful tool to communicate complicated medical information - like clinical trial data - to patients and their families in an...

Evidence-Based Care in 2014: A Year In Review

Thank you to all our supporters for making this a foundational year for our company. In 2014, we worked feverishly to make evidence-based medicine and guidelines practical and accessible for clinicians and patients alike. We released four free products, helped over...