When it comes to topical minoxidil, there are 2 main brands to choose from – Rogaine and Kirkland minoxidil. Unfortunately for Canadians, it’s not easy to find these products at a reasonable price.

Some drug stores like Shoppers Drug Mart or even Walmart may carry some Rogaine products, but they rarely carry the entire line and none of them carry generic Kirkland minoxidil products. Not to mention that the Rogaine they carry is priced very high.

Which brand of minoxidil is best?

If you are looking for the most affordable topical minoxidil for hair loss, your best option is Kirkland minoxidil. Kirkland minoxidil is a generic Rogaine product produced by Costco Wholesale USA. The Kirkland products contain the exact same active ingredient (minoxidil 5%) but without the Rogaine brand name. Unfortunately, Costco stores within Canada do not carry Kirkland minoxidil, and Costco USA will not ship these products outside the United States.

So where can you buy Kirkland minoxidil in Canada?

We looked at many options and found that the most reputable source is Hair Supply. They carry the entire range of Kirkland minoxidil products at discount prices and offer free shipping anywhere in Canada. You can choose from either Kirkland liquid and foam minoxidil and they also carry the name-brand Rogaine products if you prefer brand name over generic. Check out their collection here. Note that due to Health Canada regulations, some minoxidil products have to be shipped from the US to your Canadian address, while other products are shipped from within Canada.