Visiting a walk-in clinic to get relatively simple prescriptions such as finasteride can be a frustrating experience. You have to take time off work, wait in a room full of people potentially catching other germs, just to see a doctor for a minute or two to get the prescription you need.

A New Online Hair Loss Clinic

Through Essential Clinic, you can now have a doctor treat your condition from the privacy of your own home. Just upload photos of your hair, answer a few questions, and if approved, have your finasteride prescription sent to a nearby pharmacy for pick up. 

In addition to finasteride, the doctors may also recommend minoxidil for patients that might benefit from it.

Canadian Licensed Physicians

The service is provided by Canadian licensed family doctors and nurse practitioners. It is currently only available to Canadian residents. 

Essential Clinic’s medical team follows evidence-based guidelines and questionnaires to determine the appropriate hair loss treatments for our patients. 

An Option to Save 90% on your Finasteride Prescription

Finasteride comes in 1mg and 5mg tablets. For hair loss, 1mg finasteride is typically prescribed, however patients willing to use a pill cutter can save 90% on finasteride by cutting the 5mg tablets into four quarters, taking only one quarter per day. 

Essential Clinic offers both options depending on patient preference and doctor recommendation.

They Also Prescribe Dutasteride

While finasteride is recommended as the first line of treatment for male pattern baldness, Essential Clinic offers dutasteride prescriptions as well.

Dutasteride is not officially approved to treat hair loss, but it has been shown to be even more effective than finasteride.

Since it’s not officially approved to treat hair loss, it can be hard to find a doctor or even a dermatologist willing to prescribe dutasteride. Essential Clinic prescribes both treatment options depending on your preference and doctor recommendation.

How to Get Finasteride Online

To get started, just book an online hair loss visit with Essential, upload photos of your frontal hairline and top of your scalp, answer a few questions and submit. 

A doctor or nurse practitioner will review your profile within 1 business day and if approved, send the prescription to the pharmacy of your choice or one of their recommended pharmacies. 

Ready for your hair loss treatment? Get started with your online visit.