Editor’s Note: Due to the overwhelming response we received from this article, we’d like to remind readers that if you are sick and in need of a doctor’s note, please contact MDKonsult (not SnapDx) and book an appointment there. Also, this service currently is only for Canadian residents.


Getting a doctor’s note can be a frustrating experience. First, you’re sick and for most cases just need to rest. Schools and some employers however require illnesses to be verified by a doctor before you can exempted from that day of work or postpone that exam. So you go to the waiting room sitting for hours, potentially catching more germs or making others sick, just to get that coveted note.

Well, we’re changing that now. Introducing our Doctor’s Note Service, a simple online service from MDKonsult to get a doctor’s note. It’s simple. You book an appointment, pick the exact time for a doctor to call you, they call you to verify you’re sick, write you a prescription if needed, and privately send you the doctor’s note that you need.

But is our service as good as an in-person clinic visit? It’s true that a doctor cannot do a full physical examination over the phone. Our doctors do a very focused collection and verification of medical history. For most cases, this is sufficient. For a small portion of cases we might refer the patient to a traditional clinic.

The true cost of a sick note is significantly more than the $30 that patients pay out of their pockets. In addition to this fee to get the actual note, clinics charge the government at least $50 for the doctor to see you, taxpayer money that could have been used for another patient. Finally, the valuable time spent by patients, doctors and other patients whose wait times have increased also contribute to the overall cost of a sick note.

Our basic sick note service costs $49 plus any taxes. We don’t bill the government since we feel that our fees sufficiently cover the doctor’s time.  It’s a win-win all around. Patients save time and hassle allowing them them to recover and get back to school or work sooner. Taxpayers save $50 on every sick note and benefit from more room in the waiting rooms that can be used for patients who truly need to see a doctor in-person. It’s our small contribution to make healthcare in this nation more efficient.

Sick notes can be controversial, some doctors say it’s a waste of their time, some politicians want to restrict when employers can demand sick notes, and professors are even saying university sick note policies should be relaxed.

But until any of that happens, sick notes are a reality of life for employees, students, and doctors alike. So the best thing to do is to make this service as convenient and streamlined as possible for all parties involved, which is what we’re doing over at MDKonsult.

(If you are sick and in need of a doctor’s note, please do not leave a comment on this article, just book an appointment with MDKonsult. This service is only for Canadian residents).