Mental health issues can be extremely confusing and discouraging. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), almost everyone deals with it in one-way or another even if they don’t realize or acknowledge it.

Many people feel like they have everything they could ever want: a good job, relationships, and friendships. However they still remain unhappy for no particular reason. One of the most difficult parts of dealing with mental health issues is the feeling that one doesn’t have the right to feel this way and that one must deal with it alone. This attitude causes people to be embarrassed and often acts as a barrier for them talking about it with friends or a professional.

Having a conversation with a friend or family member is a great start and can remind someone they are not alone. Telling someone can be incredibly liberating and helpful to both the person suffering and those around them by helping both parties understand what the issue is. From there, one can begin to formulate solutions that will likely make them feel better about the situation and start the process of healing.

However, if one doesn’t have a network of friends and family to talk to or for more serious issues, professional help is required. This is nothing to be ashamed of and can rather help one realize that what they are experiencing is common. Many people believe that while seeking therapy from a professional may open their mind to new things, it will not necessarily impact the way they think. Hence nothing will change. While this may be true for some, in many cases, professional help can promote a positive change in character. Additionally, one would never know unless they try.

The good news is that if one needs help in any capacity, there are more options than ever. Talking to a friend or family member is a great place to start and may help someone understand their way of thinking better. The next step could be seeking professional counseling through either a local service provider or online counseling through a service like MDKonsult.