Thank you to all our supporters for making this a foundational year for our company.

In 2014, we worked feverishly to make evidence-based medicine and guidelines practical and accessible for clinicians and patients alike. We released four free products, helped over 1500 clinicians reduce unnecessary testing and diagnose with quantified certainty, won support and funding from three institutional partners, and informed over 8,000 patients on the importance and need for evidence-based medical decision making.

Cheers & Onwards,
– The SnapDx Team


SnapDx Clinical Launched & Updated with Radiology Appropriateness Criteria


Released in April 2014, SnapDx Clinical provides medical trainees and clinicians the best evidence-based questions and tests to use as part of medical history and physical examination, reducing diagnosis uncertainty and costly testing.

The app is now used by thousands of clinicians, featured on The Globe and Mail, and won the support and funding of Health Informatics Leaders at the University of West Florida and the University of Calgary’s Department of Medicine.


Light Bulbs Turning on for COPD Patients throughout the World

COPD Guidelines App

When Dr. Michael Braganza first used SnapDx’s COPD Guidelines App in front of a patient, a light bulb turned on.

“Oh, so I have the lungs of a 90 year old? Ok. What can I do to get my lung capacity back up?“, and a meaningful conversation ensued.


SnapDx Launches Ebola Triage App to Sift Signal from Noise


In response to the threat of hype-driven misinformation, SnapDx launched an innovative web app to help clinicians and patients rapidly decide whether a patient is at risk of Ebola.

This web app was showcased by the University of Oxford’s “Ebola Hackathon”, and was featured as a key “technology for doctors” by Canadian Healthcare Technology magazine. 


More Product Releases and News

The Canadian Hypertension Education Program (CHEP) Guidelines can now be easily accessed in SnapDx format at This app is being used in clinical settings and was presented at this year’s hypertension congress.

SnapDx also won 1st place internationally at the World Innovation Day, Innovation for Health Competition in Geneva, Switzerland. Runner-ups included ACE Hearing and MEDi. You can now watch both our scientific and business pitches on YouTube.


Top 5 SnapDx Articles on the Calgary Herald for 2014


  1. Calgary surgeon retires, leaving generation of inspired medical students
  2. Innovative educational leadership: The legacy of Dr. Wright
  3. The man leading the fight against salt
  4. Tiny mistakes doctors make that can you land you in the ER
  5. Defending the defenseless – The fight for refugee healthcare


Upcoming SnapDx Talks and Presentations

San Francisco, Jan. 12-14 – 33rd Annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference.

Calgary, Feb. 5 – Alberta Network for Health Information Exchange 2015.

Have a great 2015!