SnapDx Guidelines App for iPad

Exciting news from SnapDx!

We recently released our long-awaited SnapDx COPD Guidelines App for the Apple iPad! Based on the Canadian Thoracic Society (CTS) guidelines for COPD, this interactive tool gives frontline clinicians the ability to efficiently diagnose and risk stratify patients with suspected or known COPD. Busy practitioners can now provide up to date individualized care based on the recommendations of leading experts in the field. Furthermore interactive and customizable graphics help simplify the disease so patients can better understand management strategies.

With advances in management of multiple diseases occurring constantly, it is virtually impossible for the frontline healthcare worker to stay abreast on the latest treatment strategies. Guidelines attempt to summarize what is most relevant, but they still are long and not specific to the patient sitting in the office. Our app scours the guidelines relevant to the individual patient based data collected by the clinician. With the COPD app, attaining the latest and most relevant evidence takes less than five minutes!

Download the SnapDx COPD app for iPad today on the Apple App Store and let us know what you think!